Project management

Today, businesses are becoming more frequent in the digital space. Therefore, a representative online face of the company, shall first of all perform an emotional sales function – shall build confidence in the company and disclose its competitive advantage.

For implementation of our projects, we take the latest project management techniques as the basis. The maximum result within the shortest period of time is the main principle of our work.

We use Scoro, Scrum, Jira


Implementing web projects we use the latest programming platforms such as Laravel and Angular2. In the project management process, we rely on Agile method and continuous integration tools. We use them to work with multiple versions of a project at a time.

We also use HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and WordPress

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Founded in 2010, WebGuru 3D is an international digital innovation company.

We implement web development projects for businesses across the globe.

We have successfully built high-competence software engineering teams to work on the core industries and drive technology for the world’s leading marketplaces. We also provide sophisticated solutions for any company around the world.

We are the best at web development and implementation.

At WebGuru 3D we have lots of experience writing and designing the best software for you.

We have experience with analytics, version control and working in a team environment. We know countless programming languages and will take the time to learn a new language when necessary. Most importantly, we are confident, hard working and dependable.

For hosting services we like to use a company that we can trust. There is a Tier level 3 company located in Lithuania with up to 100Gbps speed global optical fiber internet. Quality and speed guaranteed.

We have excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. We also have lots of experience with WordPress web builder.